What makes CentRacks Special?

Standard 19" : International Standard 19-inch design

Suitable for network wiring room, floor wiring room, Central room, Data room, Control Center, Monitoring room and etc

The Protection level reaches IP20

A work of ingenuity, Perseverance and Style consist of 4 layer protection: 1)Electrostatic spraying
2)Dip coating primer 3)Phosphating
4)Cold rolled steel plate

Electrostatic Spraying : Green environmental protection

The racks passed the EU CE certification, in line with EU standards comply with Rohs environmental certification. We control harmful substances from the source and create a green computer room.

Rack Variations

Type of Door

Special design with two types of door;
1) Perforated
2) Glass/Perspex

Type of Rack

There are tow types of rack;
1)  Wall mount
2) Floor stand


Two colour available;
2)Light grey